Biggest mistake of my life

I have often faced this question in the last two weeks --- why don't you write a story about these times? By "these times" people meant COVID-19 and of course lockdown. I have replied sometimes with silence, at other times with a "let me think about it". Truth is I don't want to write about it. At least not in the next one year.

Before you tick me off as a lazy lump good at giving excuses, let me explain. At least let me try  to...

I want to write. Have been meaning to write and been doing a lot of research for the last four months. But not about COVID-19. I am researching for my next story after Five Spice Curry. I have the plot in mind, but I need a lot of research. And it is not even remotely connected to this virus that has turned our lives upside down.

Ok I am exaggerating. My life has changed, but not upside down. More of lateral inversion. Instead of braving the Chingrihata road block twice daily for five days a week, I am now doubling up as my cook…

The Old Shoe that Shines

The one thing we spend our lives looking for is often something that has been there all along with us. We never noticed it. No, it's not philosophy. It's just what happened to me.

I started reading storybooks when I was 5 years old. I still now remember my first storybook that I read on my own, Daisy's Ducklings. Soon after I started reading kids' magazines, classics and novels. My school librarian refused to lend me Tolstoy's Anna Karenina when I was in class 6. Storybooks stayed with me throughout life, stabler than most friends and relatives.

Reading was my Hobby No 1. Others being painting and singing. However, I also wrote. The lazy lump that I was, I never gave writing much thought though. It was always one of the everyday things I did. After I joined the professional world, then too writing stayed as an integral part of my job. In fact, it was like the old pair of shoes that you slip into on a day when you want to relax, but never wear on special occasions.

Strange Twists of Time